When Do Potholes Begin Forming?

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What Happens When Potholes Begin Forming?

Potholes are a cause for concern because they look unappealing, and they can cause damage to vehicles. Contact the professionals at The Paving Lady if you notice a pothole on your South Florida property.

How Do Potholes Form?

Most potholes form as a result of water. Precipitation like rain can seep into the cracks or separations in the pavement. In northern climates, this water freezes and thaws repeatedly, creating gaps that widen into potholes.

It works a little differently in southern climates, where freezing temperatures are uncommon. Here, the water is more likely to wear away the stone or dirt beneath the asphalt, creating an air gap. The gap can cause the pavement to sag, which will eventually lead to collapse and the formation of a pothole.

Heavy traffic and extreme heat are two other contributing factors in the formation of potholes.

When Do Potholes Form the Most?

Potholes generally won’t form until spring because of fluctuating temperatures. The air can warm up quickly during the day, which causes the asphalt to expand.

Nights in Florida during the spring are still cool. These cooler temperatures can cause the asphalt to contract again. The expanding and contracting cycle will continue throughout the spring until temperatures are steadily warm.

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How Can You Prevent Potholes?

Preventing potholes can help you maintain the asphalt of your driveways, parking lots and other areas. Asphalt repair methods you can use to help prevent potholes include:

  • Filling cracks: When you see a crack, take steps to fix it as soon as possible. Cracks are one of the first signs of a pothole, so if you catch and fix them before they go too far, you can prevent potholes from forming.
  • Resealing asphalt: When it’s time to reseal your asphalt — every one to two years — do it. Seal coating your asphalt can help protect it from sun and heat damage that can lead to pothole-forming weak spots.
  • Preventive maintenance: Professionals can provide advice on any potential issues. While you may notice obvious problems, a trained worker can easily point out things you might miss and provide seal coating services to fix them.

How Are Potholes Fixed?

When you hire a professional to fix potholes, you can rest assured knowing they have the expertise to get the job done. First, the workers will remove debris in and around the hole with a jackhammer or masonry saw. After the debris is cleared, they can heat the pothole to remove excess moisture.

The workers will then apply new hot asphalt to the area and compact it to help prevent water from getting inside. Once the asphalt is cool, it is safe to drive on again.

Fix Potholes With Help From The Paving Lady Experts

At The Paving Lady, we have been serving South Florida since 1985, giving us the experience necessary to fix potholes throughout the area. Protect your asphalt and prolong its life span by handling any potholes and cracks right away.

Contact The Paving Lady online or call (561) 567-7182 today to request a quote!

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