Asphalt Parking Lot Design Guide

June 9, 2022

A parking lot can be paved in a variety of sizes and shapes for numerous different functions. Whether you’re installing a residential or commercial parking lot, this design manual will help you get started with a thorough design plan. Learn what goes into planning your design to ensure a successful, quality parking lot. General Planning […]

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How is Asphalt Made

May 18, 2022

The Asphalt Manufacturing Process Asphalt cement is a durable and long-lasting road paving solution. Because of its natural chemical and weather resistance and smooth surface after leveling, it’s often used to pave parking lots, high-traffic roads, airport runways and pedestrian trails. But how is asphalt cement made? What Materials Are in Asphalt Cement? Alongside its […]

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Maintain Your Driveway With These 10 Easy Tips

May 16, 2022

10 Tips to Maintain Your Driveway Routine maintenance is essential to ensure your driveway lasts and looks great for as long as possible. Some driveways are more susceptible to general wear and tear and damage, requiring various preventive maintenance solutions. Learn more about maintaining your driveway to improve curb appeal and avoid damage to vehicles […]

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What Are The Types of Concrete Curbs

February 22, 2022

Types of Concrete Curbs Curbs are found in residential neighborhoods, store parking lots, along roadways and many other spaces. Numerous types of concrete curbs exist, and if you’re a property owner, knowing what type you have or want can help with installation and repairs. Contact our team at The Paving Lady for professional determining the […]

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When Do Potholes Begin Forming?

What Happens When Potholes Begin Forming? Potholes are a cause for concern because they look unappealing, and they can cause damage to vehicles. Contact the professionals at The Paving Lady if you notice a pothole on your South Florida property. How Do Potholes Form? Most potholes form as a result of water. Precipitation like rain […]

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When to Get Your Asphalt Resurfaced

When to Get Your Asphalt Resurfaced Asphalt resurfacing is an excellent choice if you’re looking to boost your driveway’s appearance or fix minor cracks. When you want a middle-of-the-ground surface repair option, getting your asphalt paving resurfaced by The Paving Lady crew can keep your driveway in good condition. What Does It Mean to Resurface […]

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How Does Weather Affect Asphalt?

February 15, 2022

How Does Weather Affect Asphalt? Asphalt is a sturdy material used for our roads and parking lots. While the material is known for its durability, some asphalt degradation over time is normal. The effects of weather on asphalt vary depending on the climate, but weather does play a role in asphalt’s decline. Cold Temperatures Cold […]

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How to Stripe a Parking Lot

How to Stripe a Parking Lot Your parking lot stripes looks their best when your lines are clear and thanks to a crisp, bright coat of paint. Whether you choose yellow or white, refreshing your parking lot lines will make your property pop and highlight the effort you put into your business. Attention-grabbing aesthetics aside, […]

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Different Types Of Asphalt Paving Defects

December 30, 2021

Asphalt Paving Defects You Should Know Asphalt is one of the most common materials used for driveways, roadways and parking lots. While asphalt paving is durable, the material still requires maintenance over time. Every property manager or owner responsible for maintaining asphalt surfaces should know about the five most common asphalt paving defects. These defects […]

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Best Ways Of Maintaining Catch Basins

How to Maintain Catch Basins Florida frequently has torrential downpours. Thankfully, catch basins can prevent flooding and water buildup. Yet, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure this drainage system continues to protect commercial asphalt surfaces like parking lots, driveways and roads. This guide will help you learn more about catch basins and how you can […]

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