How to Prepare Your Asphalt Pavement for Winter

Before winter, it’s a good idea to have professionals inspect your asphalt pavement. Experts can make a proper assessment of issues such as debris, stains, cracks, holes or damage and provide recommendations that suit your needs. Hiring trusted contractors to complete any necessary repairs and services provides a way to protect your investment over time.

Without preventive steps and maintenance, asphalt can experience a variety of defects in the tropical climate of South Florida. Some risks of damage may include cracking of the surface, distortion of the base layer and disintegration such as potholes and skidding hazards.

As a property owner or manager, you might be responsible for ensuring driveways, roadways and parking lots stay in good condition. You can have peace of mind knowing they’re protected and well-maintained when you follow these steps.

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1. Clear Away Debris

Start by removing any debris from your pavement. An accumulation of dirt, mulch, leaves, twigs and branches can create an environment that attracts unwanted pests. When the materials begin to decay, they can cause stains and other issues.

2. Remove Stains and Spills

After clearing debris from the pavement, you may notice stains from natural materials and oil spills. Follow safe cleaning methods to scrub or use a low-pressure wash for the surface until it looks how you want it to.

3. Look for Pools of Water

If you see any puddles or standing water, this might indicate weak areas of the asphalt or poor drainage on the property. Your contractor can assess whether the pavement needs leveling and smoothing, fixing of the structure’s pitch, a new drainage structure or a different solution to prevent potholes and other damage from happening.

4. Complete an Inspection

To ensure your pavement stays in top shape, it’s best to have a professional complete a detailed inspection. They have the knowledge and experience to identify potential risks and damages.

5. Fill Cracks and Patch Holes

Depending on the condition of your pavement, you may need to invest in maintenance or repairs. For example, any small cracks will need sealing, and any potholes will need patching sooner rather than later.

6. Invest in a Seal Coat Application

If you’d like to add extra durability and protection to your pavement, consider investing in a seal coat application. This layer refreshes the appearance of your asphalt. Plus, it offers resistance to water seepage, oxidation from the sun and petroleum spills.

7. Keep the Pavement Clear and Clean

South Florida rarely receives freezing temperatures — but it’s not impossible. If frost or ice develops on the surface of your pavement, gently remove it with a broom, shovel or blower. This can prevent slipping, driving hazards and potential damage.

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